Colson caster wheels: the versatile and useful component

If we think about the usage and applications of furniture castor wheels, then the list is quite long. Though the words caster and wheel are used in conjunction, they are different entities actually. Caster is the frame that supports a particular amount of weight whereas the wheel is one component of the caster. A Colson caster is manufactured according to the weight it is supposed to bear. Heavy-duty Colson casters are ideal for heavy loads such as shopping trolleys, luggage trolleys, and hospital trolleys. Lightweight casters are used in furniture.

The wheel can be the standard rigid wheel or a ball which can rotate 360 degrees. While manufacturing casters and wheels, sturdiness is very important. The caster wheels should be able to roll easily with the full load.

Types of casters

When the manufacturers order furniture castor wheels, they buy different varieties for different uses.

Fixed casters: These casters are fixed on the frame, and the wheel can move in one direction whether it is a standard wheel or ball.

Swivel casters: They are ideal for applications where you need to move and turn the objects in the limited space.

Ball-bearing casters: They look attractive due to the decorative case that covers the wheels. Also, they are easy to operate.

To make it further easy to operate, the casters rotate 360 degrees on one axis, and the roller ball moves 360 degrees on the other axis. This design makes the caster wheel incredibly flexible. Practically, it can move in any direction without any trouble.

All varieties of Colson caster wheel sets use rubber-coated wheels for better movement. The heavy-duty material is used so that the wheels give uninterrupted services for a long time. A steel plate is welded on the frame to add further strength to it, and the castor is fixed on the plate. Due to this arrangement, the caster can move easily on uneven surfaces as well.

Application and use

Furniture and appliances make use of the normal casters. Fancy furniture requires decorative casters to add aesthetic value.

In manufacturing plants, industries and warehouse, you need extra strong material. Also, the rubber coating has to be tough.

When heavy machinery and equipment manufacturers order casters or wheels, they send precise requirement specifications. The casters are made accordingly.

Custom manufactured Colson furniture casters are costlier than the off-the-shelf products. It is quite obvious because it needs extra efforts to make the product.