3D Driving Simulator

3D driving simulator has evolved from an entertainment software program to being used in a number of training and research platforms. Over the years, its value as a tool of driver education institutions, scientist, engineers and vehicle safety specialists continue to expand as more information and statistical data are aggregated from its use. Some companies are even utilizing the online driving simulator in order to offer virtual test drives of vehicles being marketed for sale.

3D Driving Simulator – Looking back

3D driving simulator has progressed significantly since its days as merely a two-dimensional overhead view video game during the 1970s. Enhancements to simulation technology over the years have included first-person view and haptic, as well as force feedback. Not only did drivers of simulators now have first-person point-of-view, but the simulation environment could now receive data from user input, such as touch, grip, pressure and reaction times; the same can be said for the simulator’s interaction with its own virtual environment. For example, simulated crashes would be fed back to the driver cockpit or cabin through vibrations. The technology continued to evolve from the 1980s up to the present day. From the launch of the first 3D driving simulator game developed by software developers, the 3D driving simulator has been evolving to an intelligent and almost intuitive tool.

3D Driving Simulator – Safe and scientific

Research driving simulator has developed into an increasingly prominent feature of driver education programs in the United States and Europe, as well as a standard tool of engineers and scientists. Some driver education programs now include a 3D driving simulator that, in some cases, are part of the required in-car portion of driver education training. In some instances, for example, a state motor vehicle driver-training requirement may be to share a certain percentage of driver time between actual street driving and time spent in a 3D driving simulator.

Local and state governments in the United States, and around the world, have been including the 3D driving simulator in much of their programs, obtaining valuable data, in a safe and controlled environment, that was not possible to obtain years before. Simulators from private enterprises, including the online driving simulator, are now proliferating. Search engine queries will result in a 3D driving simulator online, for example, which will familiarize the individual with any number of cities. One may select type of vehicle and city. Do you want to know what it’s like to drive in Los Angeles, California? No problem. Get in your virtual car and start driving.

3D Driving Simulator – At your fingertips

3D driving simulator is available by download, or may be accessed directly from any number of websites. Some companies offer software for sale that is age appropriate, and that are graduated according to skill level. Those wanting to practice training for their commercial drivers license (CDL) may find a number of free, public-domain training websites, or websites belonging to private or government training organizations. So, if you are considering taking a driver education course, but would like to try out being behind the wheel before starting driver’s education, try a 3D driving simulator online.