The British Calendar for Lawn Maintenance

A healthy, verdant lawn is a source of pride and the centrepiece of a handsome garden. However, sustaining such a lawn involves seasonal care adjustments attuned to the needs of your grass. The British Calendar for lawn maintenance can be broken down into spring, summer, autumn, and winter, each with its list of to-dos. Let’s explore these seasonal tasks and understand how professional lawn care services like Kingsbury Lawn Care can help make the job easier.

Spring: Awakening and Prepping the Lawn

Nurture, Mow, & Treat. Spring, with its warmth and bursts of rainfall, rouses the dormant grass. You need to be prepared to tackle a surge in grass growth and be consistent with your mowing. Follow the ‘one-third rule’ to avoid causing stress to the grass, and gradually lower your mower’s cut height as the growth quickens.

This is the perfect time to breathe life into your lawn with a slow-release granular fertiliser. Furthermore, spring is the onset of weed growth and moss invasion, so it’s crucial to apply appropriate weed treatments and moss killers.

Summer: Maintaining and Protecting the Vibrancy

Water, Mow, & Monitor. Summer presents its own set of challenges, with the scorching heat threatening to yellow your lawn. Regular and deep watering in the early morning or late evening will help maintain soil moisture and promote deeper root systems.

Continue following your mowing schedule but adjust the cut height to a higher level to minimise moisture loss. Summer also brings an array of lawn diseases and pests. Regularly inspect your lawn for any signs of disease or problematic areas that may need professional attention.

Autumn: Preparing for the Dormant Season

Rake, Aerate, & Fertilize. As the trees begin shedding their leaves, a lawn covered in foliage can become smothered and weak with the lack of sun. Regular raking is necessary not just for a clean look but also for the health of your grass.

In autumn, the soil tends to become compacted, hindering the proper absorption of nutrients. Aerating your lawn helps loosen the soil, facilitating the penetration of water and nutrients. Furthermore, application of an autumn feed high in potassium will help strengthen roots as the grass prepares for winter.

Winter: Protecting the Dormant Lawn

Minimal mowing & Protect. Winter calls for minimal lawn care. Grass growth slows, and mowing should be restricted only to mild days, with a high cut level. Avoid walking on your lawn as much as possible, especially when it’s frosty, to prevent damaging the grass.

The Importance of Professional Lawn Care

While taking care of your lawn across the seasons might seem like a lot of work, a professional lawn care service like Kingsbury Lawn Care can make it significantly easier. Their expertise in lawn maintenance, including knowing exactly when to apply weed treatment and aerating the soil, takes the guesswork out of lawn care. With professional services, your lawn gets the appropriate care it needs throughout the changing seasons, ensuring it remains lush, green, and healthy all year round.


Indeed, delivering year-round vibrant lawns is an art, a science, and a year-long commitment. With the British Calendar on your side, your lawn can be picture-perfect year-round, irrespective of the season.