Problems with the Jockey Wheel

It is common to see in caravan parks some of them with the spear on the ground. To avoid this problem, we must tighten the key of the wheel coupling. If this happens to us, we can lift the spear using the jockey.

It is advisable not to try to lift it with your hands to avoid causing an accident with your feet or a serious back problem.

Another problem is that we steal the wheel. It is a simple element to steal and some with bad milk can do it. How to avoid this? The truth is that we can do little if this happens except to have a spare.

Some advice

To move the caravan, it is advisable to raise the caravan jockey wheel as much as possible, so that the weight rests on the two center wheels and is more comfortable to maneuver with it. This is also recommended when we leave the caravan in the parking lot.

Another good advice is to have two wheels, one hard for when we leave it repaired in the parking for long periods and another inflatable to maneuver in the camping. Thus, in case of theft or breakage of the mechanism, we can maneuver the caravan with the spare wheel.

Where to buy?

Jockey wheels can be purchased with or without a cleat. The rigid ones are a bit cheaper and it is convenient to buy a spare wheel especially if we buy an inflatable.

We can find them in the caravan shops and in some fast mechanics workshops or online from reputable suppliers such as KARTT, and of course, on Amazon.