A Step-by-Step Guide to the Patenting Process with InventHelp

Embarking on the journey from concept to patent is an ambitious endeavor, fraught with complexities and procedural nuances. For many inventors, the layers of required research, documentation, and legal navigation can seem insurmountable. However, InventHelp, a well-regarded invention assistance company, provides a structured pathway through the patent application maze. Their services offer a beacon of hope for those looking to make their innovative ideas a reality. Let’s dissect the process step-by-step to see how InventHelp facilitates each stage, starting with an important question that many inventors have when choosing their guidance partner.

What Do InventHelp’s Services Consist Of? InventHelp stands out as a comprehensive resource for inventors aiming to patent and market their inventions. Their suite of services spans from initial invention evaluation to patent search, prototype development, patent application filing, and even marketing assistance post-patent approval. But before we delve into the detailed steps of their process, it’s critical to address another significant concern.

Step 1: Initial Free Consultation

Getting Started on the Right Foot

The initial consultation is the springboard for the entire patenting process. InventHelp offers this as a free service to discuss your invention idea and understand the range of services they can provide. This is the moment to get acquainted and set realistic goals for your invention’s journey.

Step 2: Patent Search

Verifying Your Invention’s Uniqueness

A thorough patent search is indispensable, ensuring that your invention hasn’t already been patented. InventHelp facilitates this critical step, employing resources and expertise to scout existing patents and safeguard your idea’s uniqueness.

Step 3: Protection and Confidentiality Agreement

Securing Your Innovation

Before delving deeper into your invention’s specifics, InventHelp ensures that your intellectual property is protected through a confidentiality agreement. This legal measure is vital to maintain the integrity and security of your idea throughout the patenting process.

Step 4: Patent Referral Services

Embracing Legal Expertise

Building on the foundation laid by a thorough patent search, InventHelp connects you with a patent attorney or agent to commence the formal patent application. This professional partnership is crucial for navigating the complexities of patent law and compiling a robust patent application.

Step 5: Prototype Development

Materializing Your Idea

A well-constructed prototype breathes life into your invention, making it easier to understand and appreciate. InventHelp can guide you in the development of a prototype, which proves invaluable for presentations and practical feedback.

Step 6: Filing the Patent Application

Making Your Claim Official

With a prototype in hand and the right legal arsenal at your disposal, filing your patent application becomes the next milestone. This critical step makes your claim to innovation official, supported by detailed descriptions, technical drawings, and legal claims that your attorney or agent will help you prepare.

Step 7: Prosecution and Maintenance

Navigating Towards Approval

After submission, your patent application undergoes review by the patent office, initiating a phase of potential back-and-forth communication known as prosecution. InventHelp, alongside your legal representative, supports you in responding to any office actions, amending your application as needed to progress towards a patent grant.

Step 8: Commercialization and Licensing

Launching Your Invention into the Marketplace

Securing a patent is a monumental achievement, but it’s only the beginning of bringing your invention to market. InventHelp extends their services beyond the patent grant, offering marketing guidance, licensing assistance, and platforms to showcase your invention to potential investors and licensors.

Is InventHelp an Established Provider? Yes, InventHelp is recognized as an established provider in the invention services industry. With a history spanning several decades, they have assisted thousands of inventors with their patent and invention marketing needs. Their longevity in the field speaks volumes about their experience and effectiveness in supporting inventors through the patenting journey.


Navigating the path from invention idea to patented reality is undeniably complex, yet InventHelp has established itself as a beacon for inventors seeking clarity and support. By offering a structured, step-by-step process backed by industry expertise and a commitment to the success of each invention, InventHelp stands as a pivotal ally in transforming innovative ideas into tangible, patented inventions ready for the marketplace.